i-WaveNET – wavemetric buoy installation – Marina di Ragusa

As part of the i-WaveNET project, this morning, the PP4 ISPRA has installed and anchored to the seabed of about 50 meters off the coast of Marina di Ragusa a wavemetric buoy.

The buoy is able to measure the intensity and direction of the waves every 30 minutes thanks to the accelerometric sensors and precision bushings installed.

The data are also made available through the www.mareografico.it portal of ISPRA, Istituto Superiore per la Protezione e la Ricerca Ambientale, which is also responsible for the national wave network (RON).

The news of this important achievement was spread through the Italian regional and national media.

Here is possible to watch the TV reportage

The i-WaveNET project, funded under the Notice 2\2019, is creating an innovative network of observation of the state of the sea based on the integration of different technologies, such as HF-radar, seismic sensors, sea level sensors, wave buoys, weather stations