Joint Secretariat

According with article 23 of ETC Regulation, the Joint Secretariat assists the Managing Authority in carrying out its functions. The Joint Secretariat facilitates, assesses, and ensures that project selection is equitable and transparent. It collects financial, physical, and statistical data that is needed for programme monitoring as well as for the interim and final appraisals. The Joint Secretariat also evaluates each major or minor modification at project level before presenting a technical report to the Executive Committee which, if it is the case, will approve it. The Joint Secretariat is also in charge of implementing the information system that is open and available to operators and to the public for the implementation of the programme.

Regione Siciliana

Dipartimento regionale della Programmazione

Area 7 - Gestione programmi per la cooperazione territoriale europea e la cooperazione sovranazionale

Piazza Luigi Sturzo n. 36, 90139 Palermo


Marco Sambataro – Coordinator

Tel: +39 091 7070243


Ilva Maria Parlato – Program monitoring manager

Tel: +39 091 7070059


Chiara Di Bella – Responsible for project investigation and management

Tel: +39 091 7070046


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