ECDay Celebration- Events of the 3rd October

To celebrate ECDay, a series of events involving the local population took place yesterday in Favignana, Palermo, Malta, Ustica.

The events organized jointly by the Italy-Malta and Italy-Tunisia programmes, the partners of the AMPPA project and the partners of the MED Dé.Co.U.Plages project, involved citizens on the issues of environmental awareness, but also of peace and collaboration between peoples, for the construction of more united and aware communities.

The “Ecological Beach: games and activities on beaches protection, coastal biodiversity and environmental protection” was the first event scheduled to kick off the day of celebrations on October, the 3rd.

Organized in Favignana at the Praia Beach with the participation of the students of the “Antonino Rallo” Comprehensive Institute. Thematic games were organized on the protection of beaches, coastal biodiversity and environmental protection of the Mediterranean. The games were coordinated by experts from the marine protected area and the event took place simultaneously in Gozo (Malta).

Link to beach thematic games

On the occasion of the Team 21\22 Award Ceremony, where the 7 best Sicilian teams that participated in the ninth edition of “A Scuola di OpenCoesione” of the OP FERDF Sicilia 2014/2020 were awarded, the Flash Mob “A Mediterranean of peace and cooperation” started from the Orto Botanico (Botanical Garden) of Palermo.

The initiative involved hundreds of young people, many flags, choreographies, colors, languages, stories and traditions to launch a unique message of cooperation between peoples, in a succession of relay dances between Favignana, Palermo, Ustica and Gozo (Malta).

The events were streamed live on Facebook.

Another event was the inauguration of the photographic exhibition “By land and by sea: the places to be protected” in Ustica and ended with a bike ride held simultaneously in Favignana, Gozo and Ustica.

With this last event entitled “Cycling for peace”, through the islands, the civilian population had the opportunity, waving the flag for peace, to manifest the importance of cooperation and environmental sustainability, offering a moment of reflection on what is happening on our planet.

In Mahdia (Tunisia) all the listed events took place on October the 1st, 2022 (read here).

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