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Public Notice 2/2019 for the presentation of co-operation projects with a "one step" procedure based on Priority Axes I, II, III, of the INTERREG V-A Italy Malta programme

List of questions and answeres updated to 7 August 2019. 
For character limitation problems, previous questions and answers are published in a separate file Complete list of questions and answers translated into English

41. Question of August the 7th 2019

It is extremely difficult to insert a certified copy of the entity's statute into the system, also considering the number of pages. How should we proceed?

41. Answer


It is possible to proceed with the uploading of the entity's statute within the e-MS platform, also inserting an accompanying note as per DPR 445/2000 stating that the document represents a certified copy


40. Question of August the 5th 2019

From the E-Ms platform it is no longer possible to print the Application Form using the button for generating PDF.  How should we proceed?

40. Answer

An anomaly occurred within the eMS system that affects the functionality related to the download of the pdf version of the project proposal uploaded by the potential lead partner. The intervention of the company that manages e-MS system has already been requested in order to correctly restore this functionality as soon as possible.


However, the project proposal can be submitted through the e-MS system, as the sections of the online AF will be taken into consideration for the purposes of the evaluation.


39. Question of July the 22nd 2019. 

Is it possible to insert a Hospital in a project proposal falling within Axis III, Investment Priority 5b, Specific Objective 3.2, Eligible action “Interventions to mitigate the effects of the climate change”?

39. Answer

The categories of eligible beneficiaries in Axis III, Investment Priority 5b, Specific Objective 3.2, Eligible action “Interventions to mitigate the effects of the climate change” are:

Public and private research organizations in line with the provisions of Reg. (EU) 651/2014;

central, regional and local administrations;

port authorities and military authorities;

State agencies and institutions

The co-operation projects to be selected within the scope of this specific objective are aimed at achieving the only output indicator of the programme: 3.2.1 Surface covered by pilot measures for the mitigation of the effects of climate change.


38. Question of July the 17th 2019

We have to proceed to sign Annex C Section 1-2 De Minimis Declaration and the above metioned annexes include the possibility to insert two signatures, namely the signature of the legal representative and one more signature. The question is: who does the second signature belong to?

38. Answer

Annec C and related sections 1, 2 and 3 include the possibility to insert two signatures.

In Annex C and following sections where applicable, name, surname and signature of the legal representative is mandatory. 

Where the legal representative has already identified a project manager during the preparatory phase, the latter may also sign his / her signature within the document. The second signature is not mandatory.


37. Question of July the 17th 2019

We answered to all questions included in Annec C and selected non applicable in section 1. Thus, the question is: Are we required to also submit the remaining Annexes (section 2 and 3) although they are not completed?

37. Answer


In relation to the example made, only the submission of fulfilled Annex C and section 1 is required


36. Question of July the 16th 2019

Reference is made to the potential use of Associated Partners in the projects. We refer to the definition given on the “Attachment E – Manuale di Attuazione” to ask confirmation on our understanding:

A. Associated Partners have to be declared in the E-MS Partner TAB.

B. Associated Partners Budget Table is by definition of Associated Partner empty (it is all set to 0) as they will not be involved in the project as entity receiving funds and what they will do it will be at their own investment not mandatory to be declared.

C. We have to define the interest of the Associated Partner to the results of the project only in the E-MS Partner TAB at the field “BENEFIT”. The Table field “ROLE” shall be not completed as the associated partner is not taking part to the project.

D. We have to include as attachment to the Project the MOU which links the Project Partners and Associated Partners.

36. Answer

A. Within E-MS Partner TAB, if you intend to add an Associated Partner you have to click on “New Associated partner” and proceed to fulfil the required sections.

B. The “Partner budget” section reports the figure 0 and it hasn’t to be modified.

The section “Origin of partner contribution” has to be fulfilled as follows:

• “Source of the contribution” insert “Non Applicable” in all required fields

• “% of the total partner contribution” insert the figure 0 in all required fields

• “Amount” insert the figure 0 in all required fields

C. You have to fulfil all required sections adapting the information provided to the characteristics of an associated partner

D. Correct


35. Question of July the 16th 2019

We are currently working on Italia-Malta projects and have just started filling in the information on the online system. I am noticing that if all the fields are not filled in, the work and information inputted is lost. 

This is an issue for us as different people have access to the application form and will fill in details according to their tasks. So for example, it is important that the admin side of the partner information is filled in and saved, with the option of completing the financial section on the same page when the budget is done.

Is there a way to solve this please? 

35. Answer

More than one person cannot use the same account at the same time. Once you start to fulfil the information, you have to conclude all the information required within the page and save it. If you only partially fulfil the information of the page, you cannot save it.

The potential beneficiaries could fil in the courtesy version of the AF (word section), provided together the application pack, and then the information can be copied and pasted in eMS.


34. Question of July the 15th 2019

In section C.2. of the application form, there are 2 tables A and B where outputs and results are mentioned. 

I have the impression that in table A there is a typo where Programme Result Indicator and Project Result Indicator should be written as Programme and Project Output Indicator. Is this correct? I am saying this as under Interreg Italia Malta there are no Programme Result Indicators but Programme Output Indicators. 

If what I am saying is correct, where should I describe my project results? We have tried to make a difference between deliverables, outputs and results but it’s a bit confusing at the moment to establish this difference in the application form.

34 Answer

INTERREG V-A Italia Malta has its own result indicators, reported within the approved programme. For the purpose of this call, they are: 

Schedule 1 - Axis 1 – Result Indicator 1.1 - Enterprises which adopt technologies and innovative services created and/or enhanced at cross-border level

Schedule 2 - Axis 2 – Result Indicator 2.2 - Workers participating in cross-border mobility initiatives

Schedule 3 - Axis 3 - Result Indicator 3.1a - Protected marine sites and areas that develop joint actions for the biodiversity protection; Result Indicator 3.1b - Protected terrestrial sites and areas that develop joint actions for the biodiversity protection; 

Schedule 4 – Axis 3 - Result Indicator 3.2 - Areas monitored by cross-border technological systems

The potential lead partner has to select in section C.2-Table A the programme result indicator (copy and paste from the programme). In the eMS, the indicator can be selected from a drop down menu.

The following table requires the listing of the project result indicators. In this section, the potential lead partner is required to insert these indicators, paying attention to the fact that at least one of the project result indicators has to correspond to the programme result indicators.

In section C.2- table B, “Project output indicators”, the potential lead partner has to list the project outputs and select the coherence with the programme outputs. Please, consider that this section is automatically filled in the eMS once the LP proceeds to complete each WPs.


33. Question of July the 15th 2019

In the budget excel schedule we need to specify the period of each cost (P0, P1, P2, P3) etc. Can you please specify what does each period represent?

33. Answer

A period corresponds to a semester. 


32. Question of July the 15th 2019

Referring to project budget drafting, in the Manual, in paragraph “9.5.1 Staff costs”, it is stated that this item must include the “salary payments related to the activities which the entity would not carry out if the operation concerned was not undertaken, fixed in an employment/work contract and any other costs directly linked to salary payments incurred and paid by the employer, such as employment taxes and social security including pensions provided". It would therefore appear that the costs of the staff contracted by the beneficiary should be charged in that item.

On the contrary, the expenses related to the external staff, pursuant to article 9.5.4 External expertise and services costs of the same Manual, should be entered under the item " External expertise and services ", which refer " to services and advice provided by a public, public equivalent or private subject, or by a natural person other than the beneficiary involved in the project". Therefore, the cost of services provided by a self-employed person with a VAT number, who provides legal advice or technical and financial advice must be included in this latter category of expenditure. Please confirm this interpretation.

32. Answer 

The expenses related to "staff costs" are given by the gross labour costs related to staff employed by the beneficiary. Payments made to natural persons working for the Beneficiary under contracts other than that of subordinate employment, if provided by the related national legislation, can be assimilated to the expenses for remuneration and the contract in question can be equated to an employment document.

With reference to "Costs for external expertise and services", the cost of services provided by a self-employed person with a VAT number, with reference to the services and consultancies listed in par. 9.5.4 of the programme implementation manual, falls under this item of expenditure.

Be advised that with reference to Notice 02/2019 (Specific Objective 1.1 - Schedule 1 and Specific Objective 2.2 - Schedule 2), the aforementioned costs for legal advice or technical and financial consultancy are not admissible since the item “Costs for external expertise and services ”includes the costs for the purposes of the first level checks for WP1. On WP2 "Costs for external expertise and services" include the costs for the purposes of communicating the project in line with the activities listed in points 1 to 5 of the same Schedule.


31. Question of July the 15th 2019

It is requested to confirm whether during projects implementation in order to transmit the reimbursement requests, it will be necessary to submit a bank guarantee to cover foreseen advance. If so, can the cost of this expenditure be charged to the cost category "Costs for external consultancy and services" since it is an eligible and direct cost incurred within the project?

31. Answer 

The financial resources (ERDF and NC) made available by the program following a project financing are provided exclusively as expenses reimbursement actually incurred by the beneficiaries and deemed eligible.

An anticipation of the resources equal to 50% of the ERDF for each partner within the approved project is foreseen. The next tranche of advance, equal to 30% of the budget, will be paid to the partners, who have spent and certified the entire sum previously paid.

Despite the possibility of taking advantage of the aforementioned advance payment, each beneficiary (Lead partner and Partner) should ensure - after the approval of the project proposal - the necessary financial resources for the start of the project activities.

A private beneficiary, who intends to make use of the anticipation for business start-up should stipulate a specific guarantee policy. With specific reference to Notice 02/2019 (Specific Objective 1.1 - Schedule 1 and Specific Objective 2.2 - Schedule 2), this expense is not accounted for as real costs.


30. Question of July the 15th 2019

Regarding data input relating to the associated partners foreseen in the eMS platform section "PART B - Project Partnership / Project Partners", it is to be pointed out that the same data for the project partners including the tasks and role within the project and budget data are being requested. Furthermore, it appears that the input of this information is mandatory in order to save the related record data sheet. This request seems to us to be in contradiction with the provisions of the Manual, which specifies in paragraph “9.1.3 Associated Partner” that the associated partners must be involved in the project without any involvement from the financial point of view.

30. Answer 

With regard to the tasks and role within the project of an associate partner, it is necessary to fill in the related section in the eMS system adapting related contents to the characteristics of an “associate partner” as specified in the implementation manual.

With regard to budget data, the related section in the eMS system should be filled in reporting the 0 value for each requested field


29. Question of July the 15th 2019

Referring to associate partners, it is requested to clarify in which points of the eMS platform: Attachments section, is it possible to upload the related letters of association\ intent?

29. Answer 

The related letters of association\intent could be uploaded in section 7: Eventual permissions and authorizations.


28. Question of July the 15th 2019

Regarding Notice 02/2019, specific objective 2.2 (Schedule 2), is it correct to foresee for WP3 only one activity, that is the provision of the vouchers for the mobility (considering that other activities functional for such process will be realized within WP1 and WP2)?

If former presupposition is true, is it correct to provide for WP3 an only output, which are the mobility vouchers? This output, however, in the related ems drop down menu could not be associated to output indicator cited in Answer 24 (that is currently a result indicator and not of output) but to one of the following indicators:

o 2.2.1 Activated operative cross-border networks which support the demand and supply of labour

o 2.2.2 Enterprises (micro, small and medium) that activate stages

o 2.2.3 Protocols and\or institutional agreement which promote mobility of persons in a cross-border context

o Other

Hence, not being possible to use indicator suggested in Answer 24 (that is also that one used in project focus), in the choice of the indicator to be associated to WP3 main output is it preferable  to use one of the three coded indicators (e.g. the 2.2.3) or other)

28. Answer 

Yes, it is correct. In WP3, it is possible to insert only one activity that is the provision of mobility voucher.

For each activity, it is possible to connect one or more outputs. Of the indicated outputs, at least one must correspond to the programme output indicator between the above listed. Eventual other project outputs that do not coincide with a programme output must be marked as “other” and the specific description must be inserted.


27. Question of July the 12th 2019

Our project falls under Investment Priority 6.d, Programme specific objective 3.1., Eligible Actions B. 

I haven´t completed the full project proposal online but I accessed the EMS system to get familiar with it and saw that the Programme Output Indicator is automatically selected in section C.2. Project focus. The strange thing is that the indicator that has been displayed automatically is 3.1.1. Recovery and evaluation of the zones of the Nature 2000 network. This indicator doesn’t correspond with Eligible Action B, am I right? 

In view of this, my questions are the following: 

•         Is there any problem with the system that doesn´t correlate the Eligible Action A or B with the Programme Output Indicator? 

•         Is there any possibility to select more than one programme output indicator or do projects have to stick to one programme output indicator? 

I am asking you this as I haven´t completed yet the full project proposal online so maybe I am not seeing all the features of the online system and the possibilities it offers. 

27. Answer

NO, the system correlates the Eligible Action A or B with the Programme Output Indicators accordingly.  Within the same specific objective, the potential LP could select more than one programme output indicator as foreseen by the public notice.