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giovedì, 20 ottobre 2016

The documents "Application Form - Parts A, B, C, and D" for submitting project proposals in the frame of the Public notice 01/2016 were replaced with new versions.
the minor modifications deal with:
Parts A, B, C
1. in section “C.5 Work plan per work packages” the rows “Activity description” have been added in connection with the Wp nr section. In addition, in the same section of WP nr regarding the “Sustainability and transferability of main outputs delivered in this work package” it has been clarified that the sustainability of the outputs is referred to each WP. 

Part D
2. in section “D.1.1.a Staff costs - flat rate” of each beneficiaries it has been modified the check related to the calculation of 40% of staff costs in order to avoid any possible double count with the eventual additional co-financing.
3. in section “D.1.2 Office and administrative expenditure” the formula have been updated taking into account the previous modifications.
New 1.1 versions of the Application Form - Parts A, B and C and of the Application Form - Part D replace the previous ones and are the only ones to be used for the submission of project proposals within the public notice 1/2016. 

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